Cooking without firewood in the camp

Well, this is intended to be the last post about fire. At least on camp fire … the stoves surrendering merit two or three more post, but that will be later. But now, get to work to see if I get this last post is short and foot (pchhttt, forbidden snickers, you understand me?) Alcohol Cocktail It is said of a tiny gadget, tiny (and baratito, baratito) that serves to heat a cup of water, or cook a white rice (8 minutes, preferably). Ideal for backpackers and people who walk. Basically, it is a can of soda or similar, with small holes, which can be put alcohol inside, and use it with a tripod or a larger can adapted to serve as a support for the cup or mini-pot they are going to use. Very simple Here I leave a couple of videos to see how they can be done and how they work: Another page with explanations: Making a portable kitchen with drinks cans Of course, also come commercial versions of these kitchens, missing more. Here are a couple of examples: