How to make a camp stove

It was around 1995 when I built my first camp stove when I was an expeditionary of Group IX belonging to the Association of Scouts of Mexico (ASMAC). QuercusMx was a member of what was previously called patrol; and our patrol was one of the few that everything we read in terms of scouting technique or how to survive outdoors led us to practice. I used these stoves on the beach and in the hills. Depending on the quality, quantity and accommodation was the duration of the fire to cook. Some I got to last 3 hours! Nothing bad! The basic materials they need to build the stove for camps are: Can of tuna. Once the can of tuna is empty, you have to open it completely on one side, wash it and remove any label that wraps it. You have to be careful not to cut yourself with aluminum. Corrugated cardboard. Any layer with paint must be removed from the cardboard so that only the part that looks light brown is left. Cut the cardboard into strips. The width of the strips must not exceed the height of the tuna can. And most important: the corrugated cardboard channels must be perpendicular to the base of the tuna can or the length of the strip itself. Yarn. You will need a piece of common yarn, which will work as a wick. Wax or paraffin You can use either of the two. The wax lasts longer.