Options to make camp fire

Hobo Cookies (or homeless stoves) The Hobos (I suppose that it can be translated as vagabond) are people who are dedicated to traveling in freight trains from one side to another, taking temporary or seasonal jobs. They usually live in makeshift camps on the side of the train tracks, and this type of super simple kitchen takes their name. What are they? A can with holes of different sizes, very easy to make. Also, they do not weigh anything, although they mess a lot at the time of loading. These kitchens usually have a mouth to load the firewood, and a series of holes in the top and bottom, to allow air to enter (which feeds the fire by convection) and smoke output. Doing them is super simple: – Take a can of preserves or paint (the size you choose) – Make a rectangular mouth or cut down on the lower half to put firewood – Make a series of holes below, so that air enters. – Make more holes up, all around the mouth, to help evacuate the smoke from combustion, and to create shot. – Put two or three stakes (or rods, or wires) crossed as support for your mini-pot or jug or whatever you use. Very easy to do. Of course, there is always a sybarite who makes a super fashion model. This one from the photo below will give work to do, but what elegance 🙂