Rocket stove

Rocket stoves (or missile stoves) are one of the most efficient ways to cook or heat using very little firewood. They use some physical principles that I do not even try to explain (study Philosophy in Humanities, remember? Physics was never my favorite subject 🙂 The principle is simple, and can be made homemade with cans of different sizes (four is usually the most comfortable design). A larger can (of paint, for example, with a smaller can (peaches, perhaps?) Inside to create the combustion chamber, and two cans of canned peas to make the chamber where the firewood is placed , and the grill where it is supported. As an insulator between the two cans you can use ash (if we carry it unarmed, for a matter of saving weight), or perlite or vermiculite if we want to assemble it permanently. Perlite and vermiculite are available in most nurseries or garden houses. Or in Mercadolibre, of course. – Now let’s move on to a couple of more elaborate versions of kitchenettes made using the same physics principle. In this case, are two examples of portable stoves (or not so much) made of iron. I think you can get some skilled blacksmith to try to copy them, especially the DK, is very simple.